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Welding Beds

   This is one of the fanciest beds we have built. Look closely. There are no latches or locks on those lids.   Open the locking oxygen cabinet and there  are switches that open your lids for    you. For that added "ooooo" factor.   This rig turns heads and has almost caused a lot of accidents.                                            

This is a really nice low profile bed.  It has a clean look to it. This bed    features a middle box in the back for jack stand storage. The small rack above the oxygen cabinet is perfect for storing your gear or ice chest.

This bed features stainless lids and oxygen cabinet door. It is a low profile bed on a cab and chassis. Due to the configuration of the truck, the bed is longer, giving added work space if needed on the rear of the bed.

A large, rounded bumper helped to counter the longer length on the bed. Custom LED lights added to the sleek style of this rig.

This bed features Justin's signature rounded lids. The welder chose not to contour the bed to his truck's body     line so that he could use it on different trucks in the future.

Once painted, the rounded lids really stand out. The double-oxygen cabinet didn't include a drag-up tank, so the welder preferred for it to open up on the passenger side of the rig. The cabinet had an inset for an water jug or bucket on top.

This bed also features rounded lids.   The oxygen cabinet held only one bottle, but included a narrow drag up tank.     This low profile bed was not contoured to the body line of the truck, but the        frame on the truck was shortened to make an extremely short bed. Great    for turning around on really tight          right-of-ways. The smaller box on the    back driver side holds rod boxes. The one of the passenger side has a barbecue grill in it. Steak, anyone?

This bed was built for a welder who valued a lot of storage area. His bed     was long enough for a work area off of the back of it. Eyeball covers protect    the lights on the sides.